About Investor Training

Investor Training Company Overview

Investor training is a company that gives the average person the ability to make money directly on the stock market (JSE). We believe that with a greater knowledge and understanding our clients can achieve their financial goals and dreams, by getting your money to work for you, instead of you always working for your money.

Investor Training Mission

To provide a quality service with back up and support including recommendations.  This will help you to become a future stock market millionaire.

Investor Training Products

Investor training provides our clients with a comprehensive educational CD together with a trading platform to be able to invest directly on the JSE. We also recommend our clients attend the bi-monthly seminars we offer to increase the knowledge required to trade successfully.

Investor Training Services

  • Telephonic support from 08.00 – 18.00 weekdays. The market is closed on Weekends & public holidays.
  • Can work anywhere. All that is needed is a computer & internet connection.
  • Skill for life.
  • Bi monthly seminars
  • Daily newsletters on J.S.E.
  • Weekly updates on the blue chips with buy/sell in depth strategies.
  • N.B.
    Full recommendations with precise entry & exit prices. What to buy, when to buy & when to sell.
  • N.B.
    S.M.S. Alerts detailing when to buy/sell & when to take profit. Ensuring you don’t miss an important trade.
  • Link to individual share prices.
  • Full E-book course on trading the J.S.E.
  • Full course on trading Forex detailing all important aspects of Technical Analysis (Chart reading).
  • In control of your financial destiny for life.
  • Live market quotes on the Dow, Gold, Platinum, Oil price & Zar/$ exchange rates.
  • Application forms to set up your trading account.
  • N.B.
    All Single Stock Future recommendations will be monitored allowing you to gain very high returns without having to spend hours poring over your computer. In other words spending work time working in your chosen profession.
  • Profiting in falling as well as rising markets.
  • Your trading/bank account pays 10.0%p.a. interest rate monthly into your account on top of all trading profits. This is a money market interest rate paid on all deposits from R1 upwards. Money market rates are not paid on personal bank accounts with less than R20000, so this is excellent call a/c money saving tool as well as the other benefits for those people with limited capital.
  • You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world, be independent from the routine and not answer to anybody.
  • Full Charting Software Package. Just pay J.S.E. download fee.
  • The only way to understand what you are doing is through education. Before you make any investment decision, you need to make the most important investment of all – and that is to: Invest in Yourself!
    Buy books on the subject, attend courses and seminars. Most importantly question everything! Don’t leave your future in the hands of an Advisor who is trained to sell you his products. The reality is that selling products is his job and in 5 years time he will probably be doing something else. As per Warren Buffett – Do not ask a Barber if you need a haircut! How many people do you know personally that retired rich by investing in retirement policies?
    Do not invest by following the herd – you will simply end like 94% of the population who will not be financially independent when they retire at the age of 65.

Remember you are on the stock market right now if you have a pension (retirement annuity) or an endowment policy. The trouble is you are paying very high commissions to financial advisors and insurance companies to do the investing for you. Also you are NOT in CONTROL. What we are offering is for you to cut out the middle men & take control of your financial future yourself achieving the high returns offered, with full mentoring. Why pay the middle men when you can receive the returns yourself